Saturday, January 5, 2013

Calanthe australasica, Common Christmas Orchid

After much googling I found the best site for keying out plants ever, and of course it is at JCU, which houses the Tropical Herbarium. It was easy to find my plant even though I am not a botanist and didn't recognise many of the terms. I just filled in what I could and found 11 matches, looked at the photos and compared with my own and there ya go. I swear I haven't been on the computer all day, just a fair chunk of it. I did go for a 50km ride this morning, and I have done the minimum allowable cleaning, and a dove flew through the living room to prove that I am sort of outside, but in the shade when in the house.


Tim Joe Comstock said...

That is pretty cool, Dee. I love orchids and here in my swamp-home they are around, but take some finding. The Park is home to all manner of aerophytes and it is amazing to watch their daily changes, depending on humidity and temperature and their various moods.

On my rides I sometimes am in deep woods and by paying attention, little surprises pop up. I really need to get a camera. Or just keep coming here and looking at the pictures that you provide.

I just saw a quote in Wikipedia that they "frequently inhabit a host plant, but not in parasitic fashion."

Would that the same were true of our species.


Thanks so much.


Dee said...

I truly regret that my only visits to Florida when I was young were spent viewing the usual 'attractions' rather than exploring the real place. How we change. I really must get a camera too. I use my phone, but really, it is not the best. I like the immediacy of it though, you have it with you so you use it without premeditation.