Wednesday, January 23, 2013

it has come

A colleague at work who keeps her bike at my house so she can drive and ride from my most excellent location phoned this morning and offered to drive me to work. Yes please and Thanks muchly!!
typical radar image today

and it isn't just us, the whole north is copping it

*sigh* I hope mint and coriander can breathe under water

Not generating a lot of power today! I think we made 70 cents.


Tim Joe Comstock said...

I like those circular planters...I hope they survived. What kind of potent soil mix do yo use? I am determined to one day harvest a container crop...

Dee said...

All is well, the rain has moved south, and spawned tornados, so what we had was nothing much. As soon as the rain stops the water drains away, the mint looks kind of delighted and the mozzies come out!
I am having soil dramas, the mix is terrible. I am getting some marvelous fertilizer, think I'll write a post about it! Stay tuned.