Wednesday, January 9, 2013

new toys

It is a bike work station, ready 24/7 to help fix your problems, including pumping up a tire. I think it is very cool and the  crew from the Estate Office have done a great job installing it. Everyone seems to think it will get wrecked and the tools stolen but I don't think so. I think it will be appreciated and used.

At the entry to the campus is the Medical Precinct, where they are getting an end of ride facility built where there used to be cooling plant. I think the new central cooling is the best thing ever : )

There is another work station in there, trust me, you just can't see it very well. I am very excited to get these in place with money from grants and fund raising. I will have to get some people together and do a launch. What fun!! Now to add them to the cycling maps for the campus!!


Tim Joe Comstock said...

I suspect that if harm comes to that bike work station, it will not be at the hands of cyclists. I would like to know there a link or something?


Dee said...

They cost an absolute bomb, but I have found that if it isn’t suitably expensive it fails to impress the people who supply the funding. Anyway, the big expense is the "thing" itself, hopefully thieves and vandals will be more tempted by the tools, which cost very little

Tim Joe Comstock said...

Thanks. I know what you mean about the price thing...I have often marveled at multi-hundred-thousand dollar "sculptures' made of metal standing in front of office buildings and in parks, sculptures that could have been done by a semi-talented high-school welder with a drawing and a leftover dodge mini-van.

After government, art and religion are the all-time great hustles.