Wednesday, January 30, 2013

short rides

I am being disciplined and riding to work without the training run, which is exactly 5km each way on the most direct route. I love my rides, but yesterdays 35 kms to work knocked me around a bit, and I need to be sensible. But even though I had a short ride this morning, it had its rewards. I saw my first ever sun bonnet Jim! I don't know if OKATB ever comes by here these days, but when he was cycling he would always tally up the sun bonnets he saw and I would chuckle at the weirdness in America. Now I realise that Australia was just lagging a bit behind (like about 100 years!)

I also had a pair of pale headed rosellas fly with me through a wooded gully. That made me happy all day. It seems a bit cooler this evening, I am happy to get by with the fan and a bit of sweat. Hopefully a proper ride tomorrow.

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Jim said...

So that's where they went! I haven't seen one here in some time.