Tuesday, January 22, 2013

the rain is coming

...and coming and coming... we have had this weather pattern since Friday ffs and it never rains. A huge mass of moisture swirls towards the coast and hits the force field that is Townsville (named after a noble slaver named Towns) and it is dark, windy and dry. We are supposed to get a couple of hundred mm of rain in the next 36 hours. We'll see.

 I didn't ride all weekend, which is unusual, but I had a bad feeling about Saturdays ride, and behold, there was a crash in the group. So I ran instead. Then we gave up on the ever approaching rain and went out to look at birds on the town common.

Brolgas are magnificent creatures. I haven't had a chance to stand next to one, but they are probably taller than I am.

We do like a bit of twitching

I love this landscape, it speaks to my heart even though I was not raised here.

It was hot and the shade in the bird hide was welcome

The shells of fledged ciccadas, but it was strangely quiet. That empty, marching army reminded me of the terracotta warriors in China. There has been fire through here, and the smell of smoke and sweet grass and dry was amazing.
And so this morning I rode. It seemed the last chance to get a dry run in. The sky was dark and the wind was mad. I suffered the headwind out to the dam, and then I turned and I flew. I flew on the wings of a storm wind and it was amazing, I was super. I geared down, and down, and down and I wound it up to more than 40kms/hr and I was covered in gooseflesh with the thrill of a fast ride. How did you ride to work today?


Theresa said...

It's here! The anticipation was brutal, and now that it's finally raining I just feel like curling up on the couch with a book and some cake...

Dee said...

The weir is running and the tunnel is flooded, love the wet season!