Monday, February 25, 2013

a challenge

15 hours in a week. Piffle, how hard can it be. So I headed out early (6:30) and rode to the dam with a loop around the back blocks and back to the dam and got to work at 9:13 and rode for 2 hours and 14 ish minutes. (it doesn't add up, there is a weird ass fold in space out there). It was a lovely morning. Garbage day and all the bins lined the road like squat soldiers. Parrots swooped in front of me, dogs ran along fences. There was interesting road kill. A baby water python, a tree snake, 2 bettongs, a male wallaby. As  I passed one bettong there were several kites gathered for a feed, and most lifted on my approach, but a couple held their ground against me. One was so close I could have bent down and touched it, and the early sun gleamed off his copper feathers, and he fixed me with an intent raptor gaze that was intimidating and accepting. Heady stuff.

Idiot that I am I packed my knapsack with a ton of food and clothing and wore it the whole time. Tomorrow I am returning to base at the end of the ride to pack my work stuff. My shoulders were numb by the time I got to work for no good reason. I need to leave earlier and ride smarter.

Near the end of my ride I suffered a shoe malfunction which could have killed me. I was at the part of the return ride where you have to navigate 'cycleways' which are sidewalks with 90 degree turns and such, and my shoe got caught up in my bike because the sole had separated  The tropics is murder on glue, and all that was holding it together was the screws through the shimano clips. This all happened quite suddenly and caused un-clipping failure at an intersection so I found myself wobbling into the path of a fiat. Luckily fiats are driven by Moms and Retirees, so they gave way.
At work I attempted a fix with liquid nails, weighed down with a can of pumpkin soup and a big rock. Alas, it failed on the way home. I loved those shoes, and it grieves me to leave home without them. Tomorrows ride will be a nervous start on a pair of internet shoes that are not as nice and untried. I like my old friends, my proven performers. 

Leaving at 6am tomorrow so I can come home and pack my stuff. In for a long week.


Tim Joe Comstock said...

Fifteen hours in one week is a sneaky number. It's more than it sounds like, isn't it? Even at a stately 10 mph (you'll have to do your own conversion to metric, I'm in a hurry) even going slow it is a 150 mile week. Time is the killer.

Good luck, Dee!


Dee said...

It is indeed a lot of cycling, a lot of time alone with your thoughts. I got away at 6 this morning, the new shoes are OK, and I am 1/3 of the way to my goal.