Sunday, February 24, 2013

bike racers and dogs

I guess I have officially retired from racing, as I only took out a fondo license this year. However, I love the bike racing scene and know most of the racers so it was great fun to go to a team launch today. It is my LBS team. Top Brand Cycles have sponsored a heap of individual riders for the past 20 year, but this year there is a well organised bunch who have gotten a broad sponsorship and formalised a team.
matching shirts, shoes and socks!!

very nice kit! The total team is about dozen, this is an early shot

I love that the scariest guns belong to Jo, in the centre, who is a woman!!!
 Then we went home and changed into more dog friendly walking clothes and went to schmooze with some greyhounds.
happy meetings

cooling off the bellies and tongues

one in, all in
I really liked the dogs, they were all amazingly placid and well behaved. As one owner explained it, the good greyhound racers support the GAP (greyhound adoption program) both financially and emotionally. The hard element just kills off their dogs. The dogs that come into the program are therefore pretty easy to retrain, because they are the best treated. Sad, but at least some get a fair go. We are keen, I don't think it will be long til you see a new smootchy face on my blog.

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Mae said...

I'm really happy for whichever dog you choose. What a good life, and what a happy surprise for a dog that used to live in a kennel and work for a living. Maybe 2? Or are you leaving space for a possible future fox terrier as well?