Friday, February 8, 2013

catching up

Life is pretty basic, and that is a good thing. So while the rain here was intense, it was short and the ex-cyclone headed south to wreak mayhem while we just enjoyed things going green and a return to normal. It was so normal (in an intensely hot and humid way) that friends went on a short holiday and we had dogs. YAY!! I miss them terribly now they are gone and am looking at greyhound rescue websites. I just love this whippet and figure that a greyhound is similar, but takes up more couch.
Although the cyclone has moved on, we are left with the aftermath of an insane and unsustainable food distribution network that sees EVERTHING trucked to Brisbane (1300km south) and then shipped up here, even if the produce originated from here. Seriously. There ought to be a law.

There is a law regarding the safe movement of vehicles at intersections, but my university has decided to make up their own anti-social engineering rules and make this campus CAR CENTRAL! All you weird asses walking around, just piss off!  

I have cut and pasted chapter and verse of the road rules to the powers that be, and I think I am winning, again. I seem to have to revisit this every couple of years. Time to push for some actual policy around here.

I was invited to one of those 5am group ride thingies and felt obliged to go. It was good if you like that sort of thing. meh. Couldn't wait to get home, put in the ear buds and shoulder the backpack and have a decent fang.

I had to get to work for a photo op with the new workstations. I hung my bike up this time to demonstrate how it is done.

And really not much happened this week. My son has gone over to New Zealand for a holiday and if I had a dog maybe I wouldn't miss him so much : )   I got stung by something on my thigh on the ride home last evening and I have a itchy goose egg. Regardless, we rode this morning and about one km from home I got smacked in the face by another stinger and I look like Jar Jar Binks (without the ears, just the lips). A full day of icing my face and it just got worse and worse. I think it is finally calming down a bit. I can drink wine through a straw, and I ate little cubes of boiled potatoes for dinner, with ice cream for dessert. I was aiming for a Good Week on the bike (250km+) and now I doubt it. My morning ride made the bite on my leg flare up and spread, and I really don't want that to happen to my face. I would have thought getting the blood pumping would clear things up. Ah well.


Tim Joe Comstock said...

If you can drink wine through a straw, at least there's that.

Dogs are a necessary thing. We have greyhound shelters here because of the dogtrack in Daytona. I once did some work at one and I gotta tell ya, a greyhound rescue dog is a handful. They have not had a normal dog-life, by any stretch of the imagination, and take a lot of work. But worth it if you have the time and interest. The lady I did the work for said they are best in pairs, for some reason.

They certainly are beautiful animals, though.

Didn't you have some kind of sting one other time?

Also, I won't comment on the driving policy thing...I'm having a good day and don't want to get into rant mode.



Dee said...

I agree that a rescue dog is a deal of work. We actually know some greyhound racers who treat their dogs well, so getting a dog from them if they have any would be a soft start. We are pretty skilled dog people though so I think we could do it with any greyhound. I would want to start with one, but I take on board what you say about them being used to having others around, maybe in the longer term...

Yes I took a sting to the face before Christmas sometime. I have probably had 4 in 10 years, don't know why this summer is so bad. I swell up worse every time. "they say" you build up resistance, but that doesn't seem to be working here!

As for the traffic management thing TJ, well I got mad too, but then I got busy. Stay tuned.

Carol said...

Dee,next time you see the Doc, PLEASE talk to him about the sting reaction. I think you're going to need an epipen. Like mother like daughter...

Carol said...

About dogs... Rudy did the most remarkable thing today. I came home and put him out (as usual), and also as usual I went to the kitchen window to watch for him to come back to the door. My heart fell when I was confronted with a patch of blood stained snow surrounded by feathers where a sharp shinned hawk had lunched at my bird feeder. Rudy came up the stairs to the terrace area and saw me looking out the window, so he turned to see what I was looking at. He looked back at me and then very deliberately went over and pushed snow with his nose until he had covered the scene. Then he came in and gave me a kiss.Tell me a border collie isn't the smartest dog in the world!

Dee said...

Don't worry Carol, I have spoken with my Doc, but he didn't think the pen was necessary. He did advise me to add antihistamines to my (always in my backpack) first aid kit. Everybody freaks out that my face swells up, but it is only because I got stung on my face!

Love Rudy! He is more people than dog.

Mae said...

The average border collie is smarter than the average person. And that's a fact.