Sunday, February 17, 2013

garden helpers

We planted a terminalia on our front nature strip, hoping that the black cockatoos would come, and they haven't disappointed us.

They love the nuts on the tree, and eat them by snipping a branch tip, browsing the nuts, then dropping the pruned bit and getting another. And another...

getting a bit messy out there!
So full flight is almost impossible, we could have grabbed him for a cuddle if  we were quick

Look at that sweet cockatoo face!!!
I still haven't managed to get a meeting with a greyhound, but I have a date next Saturday. I am excited!

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Tim Joe Comstock said...

That's pretty cool. Cockatoo's are very poplular pets here, although they don't occur in the wild...we are a few latitudes too far north...but I once convinced an escaped mitred conure to land on my head and enjoyed his company for an afternoon before he escaped again.