Sunday, February 10, 2013

I am a great cook

OK first off, we are all friends here so I am not afraid to reveal what I look like. I couldn't bear to photograph max swelling, it was beyond weird. So here is :doh! I got my collagen in Thailand and now I am sorry! This is probably less than half the max swell
 Now I just have a slight case of mumps and I feel ever so much better so it was time to cook! Notice I have learned to look up so I don't have ugly chicken neck. Super models just know this stuff, I had to learn by trial and error.
I was a bit worried about hard effort this morning so we took a nice 6.5ish km walk around the river loop in our neighbourhood. Yes it is a very nice neighbourhood. Next time I will take a proper camera so you can see the Jabaru that I thought I took a photo of here

I started cooking before noon because it was that kind of food, but Scott called me downstairs to look at a native bee swarm. We have a 'hive' in an overturned pot, so he put out another in case they were looking to expand. Then Scott googled around and found out that some swarms are mysterious fighting swarms of workers, and this seemed to be such a thing. A few dead bodies and then they broke it up at dusk. Strange.

The fruits of my labours. Fabulous nann bread, tandoori chicken cooked from scratch (sorry Mr Patak!) my justifiably famous Indian carrot salad and Aloo Methi, with curry leaves from a plant that just appeared in my garden by magic! Sorry I can't link all the recipies, the cook book is on the table.
I was ably assisted by the master of the bbq, who cooked the bread and chicken to perfection

*sigh* bliss... I do think home is the best place to be. 

Finally, while all this domestic fabulousness was going on I had a bit of an facebook thing about this news item: wankers on drugs, which was food for thought about why people drug, and can we stop them. If your very average FRED (can cycle 70 kms in just under 3 hours!!) is keen to inject a cocktail of who knows what, how can a pro who is desperate to succeed resist? I don't know. But what I do know is that there is a big difference between 40 something and 50 something. That 40+ guy is afraid he'll get old. At 50+ you are kind of afraid you won't!!

just ride


BoaB said...

You are a great cook...."Mwaah!!"

Mae said...

We had instant curry tonight. This morning, I bunged a sliced onion, 3 big spoonfuls of curry paste (Ayam Rendang), 2 rump steaks and a tin of tomatoes into the slow cooker. I didn't even stir. When I got home this afternoon, I made rice and steamed veggies. So good!