Thursday, February 21, 2013

market day and geeze it is hot

It is O-Week at James Cook University, and there is a market to celebrate
Of course the JCU BUG (that would be me) was there with bells on to talk to students who want to ride to Uni and save a bundle. It is a BIG campus, so having a bike is really good to get you from class to class too.

A hat under a marquee is not overkill, the sun is scorching. It was 32C and 66%  humidity and officially felt like 40C. I can attest to that! And I stood on my feet and talked for 4+ hours of that. It was fun though.

Stuff!! Mostly maps, because new students really need maps and they love them, and I use a highlighter to mark up the best and safest route from where they live.

So many kids!! Hard to remember feeling all grown up at 18.

We only had 3 bikes ready to go, and they are gone. We sell a refurbished bike for $50.00,  you get $20 if you give it back. All the Canadian kids said "wow! What a great service!" all the American kids said "what's the catch" well I guess that says it all about the socialist comfort zone. This one is a Yank. Willing to take a chance ; )

I got home very heat exhausted last night, but we had a nice dinner and turned on the air con and I recovered enough for a decent ride this morning. Scott cooked dinner, but I contributed my current best salad, a couple of beets very finely shredded with my magic chinese shredding thingo, then sauteed for 3 minutes with a bit of oil, then add lemon juice, a teaspoon of seedy mustard and a bit of honey. OMG.

Tonight I may have invented my newest more favorite salad!! Oven roasted cubes (small, like a cm or a bit bigger) of beets, sweet potato, a red onion cut into wedges, steamed broccoli tossed over couscous and dressed with oil, ground cumin, red wine vinegar, paprika and finely chopped fresh coriander. And my favorite quick falafal recipe. Holy smokes, a VEGAN meal!! 

 It was amazingly good, but next time I will use lemon juice instead of vinegar and make a tadziki to dob over the falafels. If I had been home all day there may have been hot pita bread.
Currently cowering in the air conditioning, I miss hearing the evening bug chorus.

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Theresa said...

We had a vegan table at the market day, and you are right, it was melting hot weather. But it was a good day overall! Cool that you sold your three bikes, and the dinner looks great!