Friday, February 15, 2013

something nice

I used to be so nice, and yet I seem to spend a lot of time banging out aggro emails and Carrying ON at work. It isn't my fault, I have a low tolerance to stupidity, and it abounds. I will get them sorted out, don't you worry about that. The latest battle is the banishment of unattractive clothing hanging outside at work. I am taking swift and fairly hilarious action, stay tuned. A new clothes line is going up on Monday, they may not be happy. I may attend a meeting in reeking wet gear. Such a lot of fabulous options. 

So here is a nice sunset to show that the end of the day brings us home and it all rolls off as you cycle towards your own personal paradise. Pour me a glass of wine honey, lets have something nice for dinner. It will all work out just fine. At least it isn't as exciting as living in Russia ( a twitter link, not sure if you have to log in) 


Theresa said...

I don't have an outside near my office, so I hang my clothes over a shelf. Above my row of shoes. People come in and see it and do a double take most times!

Dee said...

My stuff is so drippy that it won't dry inside, a dose of sunshine and wind is all that protects me from fungal rot. ewww

Mae said...

How about bringing a dry set with you to wear home, and putting your sweaty ones in a plastic bag. Then wash
both sets that night. I wouldn't want to put on sweaty Lycra at the end of the day, no matter how much sun and breeze it had seen. Eeeew.