Sunday, March 24, 2013

the one

Ok, I wasn't supposed to blog about dogs til I phoned my sister, but I tried and she is not there, so here is a blog anyway. Here name is Sheila. We had to hurry to visit after the race, lycra and all, and bikes on the van. She obviously doesn't mind a bit of sweaty, because after a bit of initial jumping up and being excited by new people, she pressed against me, leaned her face on me and gave me a greyhound hug.

Then as we stood around and talked she butted in to stand between my legs, because she was happy there. "I like you best". I am a sucker for being liked. I have been claimed by a poor, too skinny and shedding coat greyhound. She has never raced, she is a mistreated "pet" rescued from the pound. Only a year and a half old she will hopefully be a member of the family for a long time.

Now to start the process of adoption. The dear thing, I expect she will move in during the week.I am looking forward to building some flesh on those bones and a bit of fitness for a dog who was born to run, and has never known the pleasure. It will take a long time.

Before all this doggy love there was a bike race! 
sunrise at Oak Valley
kids start off

ready to start combined D and B grade (about 30 seconds between)

my favorite racer!

no dawdling around today, it was full on from the start

WTF is that?!
There was a real photographer there today as well, with some great shots

Good stuff!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

One for Mae

I am waiting for a call from the greyhound coordinator, and reading blogs and such. There is some cool stuff out there and I wanted to share with my big sister.

Check out this cool dress made from a shirt at Bespoke Magazine! I have subscribed to their blog feed, they have a lot of good ideas. I am not much of a sewer, but I think that I can have a go at making new from old. I am also suffering from a lack of pockets on my clothes, which is one reason this blog has been too quiet. I see really cool things as I move around campus each day, but I never have my phone because it is too bulky for a pocket. I have some ideas like a crochet granny square pocket on the black/rose embroidered skirt you made me, and sewing up a sturdy sash Scott bought in Bali to have a secure pocket (and look great over a denim dress).

I am also excited that we are getting a new monthly market. I love some of the stuff they are bringing together, it will be really fun.

So I am having fun, and waiting....

Saturday, March 16, 2013

best ute in the world

I have been on a cycling holiday, meaning I have only done commutes (OK I went the long way round a few times) and no training. I feel rather plump after 2 weeks, and ready to ride in anger again (I hope). I think I needed some recovery time, I felt exhausted and unenthusiastic. Also, work is full on and I needed to reserve my energy for getting through the day. I nearly have it all bedded down now though.
Scott is racing, I am drinking coffee and hollering encouraging words.

The best ute in the world
 We have friends who were going away and offered to loan us the best ute in the world for some major garden haulage. Scott has worked like a slave all week and this is load 4 ready for a trip to the tip.
We get vouchers for the dump with our rates bill. There is a special section for green waste, and it all gets ground up into mulch and compost, which you can buy.
What a nice spot for a dump!! 
I had to laugh at how much HUGE philodendron was in the pile. Obviously we are not the only ones with feral vines

Back home it is time to pick some eggplant, which are totally loving the bio-fertiliser from work

The tree pruning should correct all this sideways growth
Fingers crossed to meet two dogs tomorrow, both females. I am only getting one, I swear...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

resting on my laurals

Actually I am resting on my butt. What a dark and rainy week, hard to get going in the mornings, but the weeding has been easy and it is lovely and green. I had such strong legs this morning, and such a short ride. I hear the road calling me...

still waiting to be deemed worthy for a dog...

Saturday, March 2, 2013

yay! finished!

I love to give 101%. So I noodled through this challenge and did 341 kms to make up the 15 hours. It seems silly I know, but I find these challenges motivating, especially when Scott is doing them too. We rode together several times too, which is always nice, although it must seem like a day off to Scott.

my Strava badge of honour

146th of over 6000 isn't soooo bad

notice how the Aussies are killing them with frequency over distance. Well, it is fairly nice out here, so we don't mind going for a roll so much.

Well that was fun.