Saturday, March 16, 2013

best ute in the world

I have been on a cycling holiday, meaning I have only done commutes (OK I went the long way round a few times) and no training. I feel rather plump after 2 weeks, and ready to ride in anger again (I hope). I think I needed some recovery time, I felt exhausted and unenthusiastic. Also, work is full on and I needed to reserve my energy for getting through the day. I nearly have it all bedded down now though.
Scott is racing, I am drinking coffee and hollering encouraging words.

The best ute in the world
 We have friends who were going away and offered to loan us the best ute in the world for some major garden haulage. Scott has worked like a slave all week and this is load 4 ready for a trip to the tip.
We get vouchers for the dump with our rates bill. There is a special section for green waste, and it all gets ground up into mulch and compost, which you can buy.
What a nice spot for a dump!! 
I had to laugh at how much HUGE philodendron was in the pile. Obviously we are not the only ones with feral vines

Back home it is time to pick some eggplant, which are totally loving the bio-fertiliser from work

The tree pruning should correct all this sideways growth
Fingers crossed to meet two dogs tomorrow, both females. I am only getting one, I swear...


Mae said...

"I'm only getting one." Famous last words. In for a penny, in for a pound. Or, my favourite, "Two's company, three's a crowd." I'm looking at you, LuLu! Just joking, LuLu.

Theresa said...

Do you need any spare tipping vouchers? We don't use ours so if you have more tip-trips you can have them.

Dee said...

Thanks Theresa! I think we are OK, but it is nice to know we can get more. You wait til you gave been planting things for 15 years and have to deal with the results!! : )

Mae, LuLu doesn't count, she is another species...