Sunday, March 17, 2013

One for Mae

I am waiting for a call from the greyhound coordinator, and reading blogs and such. There is some cool stuff out there and I wanted to share with my big sister.

Check out this cool dress made from a shirt at Bespoke Magazine! I have subscribed to their blog feed, they have a lot of good ideas. I am not much of a sewer, but I think that I can have a go at making new from old. I am also suffering from a lack of pockets on my clothes, which is one reason this blog has been too quiet. I see really cool things as I move around campus each day, but I never have my phone because it is too bulky for a pocket. I have some ideas like a crochet granny square pocket on the black/rose embroidered skirt you made me, and sewing up a sturdy sash Scott bought in Bali to have a secure pocket (and look great over a denim dress).

I am also excited that we are getting a new monthly market. I love some of the stuff they are bringing together, it will be really fun.

So I am having fun, and waiting....


Mae said...

I checked out that blog, lots of good ideas. I never put pockets in my clothes, and so all the things I've given you are pocketless! I made Tess and Josh little linen passport pouches for their trip to Bali, they are pretty cute and could be good for carrying a phone. They are basically a pocket on a neck strap.

I can't wait to hear your greyhound news! You'll be asleep now but I'll ring you tomorrow.

Dee said...

The stars didn't align and the coordinator was unable to contact the foster carers. We can meet 'Sheila' on Patrick's b'day. Seems like a good day to meet a new family member to me!