Sunday, March 24, 2013

the one

Ok, I wasn't supposed to blog about dogs til I phoned my sister, but I tried and she is not there, so here is a blog anyway. Here name is Sheila. We had to hurry to visit after the race, lycra and all, and bikes on the van. She obviously doesn't mind a bit of sweaty, because after a bit of initial jumping up and being excited by new people, she pressed against me, leaned her face on me and gave me a greyhound hug.

Then as we stood around and talked she butted in to stand between my legs, because she was happy there. "I like you best". I am a sucker for being liked. I have been claimed by a poor, too skinny and shedding coat greyhound. She has never raced, she is a mistreated "pet" rescued from the pound. Only a year and a half old she will hopefully be a member of the family for a long time.

Now to start the process of adoption. The dear thing, I expect she will move in during the week.I am looking forward to building some flesh on those bones and a bit of fitness for a dog who was born to run, and has never known the pleasure. It will take a long time.

Before all this doggy love there was a bike race! 
sunrise at Oak Valley
kids start off

ready to start combined D and B grade (about 30 seconds between)

my favorite racer!

no dawdling around today, it was full on from the start

WTF is that?!
There was a real photographer there today as well, with some great shots

Good stuff!

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Mae said...

What good greyhound news! I can't wait to meet her. I love her already. She's so lucky to be moving in with you. We didn't spend much time at home today. We went to Kuranda and had lunch with Tess, then we went to Scanlan's to celebrate Patrick's birthday. Noreen was there, she is in town for graduation on Tuesday. She finally finished her PhD!!