Friday, April 26, 2013

free to run

We are still taking turns cycling. Sheila is a lonely howling thing when left alone, we need to work on that. There will be lamb shanks. We are getting our monies worth out of council rates at last as we visit all the off leash dog parks around the city. Sheila needs a bit of room to run. I could have taken a video I suppose, but this series of stop motion photos is more fun. Enjoy.

Friday, April 19, 2013

another update on Sheila

We finally have all the paperwork done for owning a dog and transferring a chip and verifying immunization...  having a baby is way easier than having a dog, I swear.
action shot, dog attacks octopus
Yesterday we went to the dog park after work and while there were nervous moments, and it all started with a tail between the legs when dogs came near, it calmed down and Sheila earned an off leash experience and she was awesome. Dogs were milling and playing and then one took off in the distance and Sheila flew. she just flew and joined the frey and the people gathered at one end of the park collectively drew a breath and sighed ooooh, AAwwww. That sound you hear at fireworks. It was breathtaking to see that girl at full stretch, streaking along and turning and loving life. What a good girl, what fun.

just doin' what comes naturally
Meanwhile at work we are facing uncertainty and upheaval (like the last 17 years) and early retirement is on offer and this creates the usual buzz and fear. And I get a delivery of chocolates because I made a normal effort to help out with a data extract request, which is my job, after all. I like it here, and I am not jumping ship thanks very much. And I have a mapping job that was too hard for a PhD... ohh yes please, I want to do that!!!

Now to figure out who rides when so a dog isn't alone while she settles in... will be a few weeks til we can ride together again, and I miss the sound of Scott's freewheel behind me while I peddle madly, and his shapely bottom as I hold his wheel...

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

settling in with a big dog

I have a dog tag now and everything! Mom is making me wear a crochet heart *sigh*
I thought Rusty was a big dog, but Sheila is a size up from that. She can rest her chin next to your plate. Luckily she accepts that dogs don't belong at the dinner table. She has a big grease spot on her head because she can reach that long lean face under the barbeque and fetch out the grease tray with ease. Yummo! She can lick a dirty pan when it is in the sink, no more relaxing after dinner. She can see if there are egg shells in the compost bucket on the counter. Tall is very useful when you are a dog.

This morning we were all roused by the mother of all possum wars in the big tree out the back. Sheila wandered to the end of the deck, took it in for a bit, then ran into my room and up on the bed where it is safe. Not an aggressor with wildlife. Later she was roused again when two cats joined the riot out the back and she bravely went to the fenced and barked at everyone. Then a vine from the tree grabbed her and she ki-yied out of there and back in the house. Not the bravest dog either.

She is perfect actually. When I was lacing up my shoes for a walk she gave me a kiss. When Scott came down the stairs to join us he got her very first tail wag. She loves my cooking and is a good eater (thank heavens). If you forget to put a fish oil capsule in her dinner she will just eat it out of your hand. She is a hungry girl, hopefully that will settle down. In the mean time she is on the Sumo diet.

It is good to have a dog again.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

dog day afternoon

In the nicest possible way, because today is gotcha new greyhound day
My name is Sheila and today I got a green collar because I was adopted as a certified good girl

Scott caught in the act of making smoochys to his new girl. We are trying to resist feeding her every time we look at her. She has had a couple of healthy treats to see her through the afternoon though. Such a skinny hound. Can't wait for the "after" shots when she is fleshed out a bit.

She is very relaxed and quiet

What a dear soulful face. It will soon be walking o'clock, and we will take Sheila for her fist wander by the river. There will be lots of dogs to meet and soon after it will be dinner time. It's a dogs life.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

we are ready

After my excellent start to the Strava challenge I have had to take several days off riding to manage this cold. So far it is just a virus, and I am will to invest some leisure in keeping it that way, as antibiotics are not something I can take easily due to allergies. So far so good, even though others in my workplace have crossed over to chest infections, I am holding my own. I miss my bike though.

However, life goes on and I have been feathering my nest for the arrival of a new family member:
a soft bed with toys, and a dog coat made by a Canadian sister that is probably too small, but worth a try

she may want to lie on the couch, which is why we have couches after all

a bed on the front deck has long been a tradition, so you can be comfy while watching the action on the street

finally a raised airy bed under the house lets a dog rest if her owners get compulsive about too much gardening

All these dog beds may seem like overkill, but we found that they all got used with our other dogs, so it seems sensible to reinstate them. All done on the cheap of course, covered with old sheets and blankets for that homey smell. Dog photos tomorrow!

Sunday, April 7, 2013

where was I?

Sorry, it has been some time and I have lost track of what was going on. Besides pining for a dog I have been doing stuff, like a Ride to Work day launch of a new end of ride facility at JCU (James Cook University) where I am Queen Bee of the BUG (Bicycle Users Group).
nice bike racks, free lockers (get in quick!) and cold water

A couple of years ago I wrote a proposal that redundant cooling plant spaces at the University be made into end of ride facilities. Well they thought that was such a brilliant idea that they have actually spent a bomb on doing it, and I am amazed at how nice this one is and embarrassed that I have gotten awards for an obvious idea while others do the hard work and make it real. Part of the development was the installation of another of my bicycle work stations, purchased with grants from the Students' Union and the Alumni. 
Nice looking facility!!

Two really lovely showers!!

Students make the nicest signs and stuff, awww

excellent roll up, there wasn't much left from catering for 80.

The f@@#!! pump has failed on this work station, as well as the other one across campus!! When I pay over a thousand bucks for a piece of gear I expect quality. Not happy and the phone is running hot to Leda Security, who manufactures these. If they don't want death by bad press they had better make things right.
Cycling T-shirts rule! That pale blue one is from Freewheeling Adventures in Nova Scotia, proving it is indeed a small world.
Other news... a strange sign appeared at the weir. I hope this is a prank. We "separate facilities for bikes" advocates might not get exactly what we wish for every time!!
There have been lots of early rides
I have a serious dose of the flu, but still managed to hit my first milestone on track for a rest day today. The cold has moved from my head to my chest, which is more medically dangerous, but I feel way better. I actually baked a cake today, a sure sign that I am on the mend.
I have also joined up with a group called "Chicks with Sticks", who are yarn bombers. Civil disobedience at its most civilized!!  Someone bombed this post on the River bikeway, so I crocheted a wee heart to add to the installation as my seal of approval 

I love crocheting tat, but you cannot live with it in this climate, so I am happy to set it free as a cosy art installation. It also gives me a chance to use up wonky projects as I relearn the art of crochet. Win-win!

As soon as there is a dog there will be a post, never fear. I have paid in full as a demonstration of my sincerity. I wasn't sure what else to do, Money always talks it seems, so lets see where this goes...