Friday, April 19, 2013

another update on Sheila

We finally have all the paperwork done for owning a dog and transferring a chip and verifying immunization...  having a baby is way easier than having a dog, I swear.
action shot, dog attacks octopus
Yesterday we went to the dog park after work and while there were nervous moments, and it all started with a tail between the legs when dogs came near, it calmed down and Sheila earned an off leash experience and she was awesome. Dogs were milling and playing and then one took off in the distance and Sheila flew. she just flew and joined the frey and the people gathered at one end of the park collectively drew a breath and sighed ooooh, AAwwww. That sound you hear at fireworks. It was breathtaking to see that girl at full stretch, streaking along and turning and loving life. What a good girl, what fun.

just doin' what comes naturally
Meanwhile at work we are facing uncertainty and upheaval (like the last 17 years) and early retirement is on offer and this creates the usual buzz and fear. And I get a delivery of chocolates because I made a normal effort to help out with a data extract request, which is my job, after all. I like it here, and I am not jumping ship thanks very much. And I have a mapping job that was too hard for a PhD... ohh yes please, I want to do that!!!

Now to figure out who rides when so a dog isn't alone while she settles in... will be a few weeks til we can ride together again, and I miss the sound of Scott's freewheel behind me while I peddle madly, and his shapely bottom as I hold his wheel...


Mae said...

Goat kidneys. The butcher shop on Ishmael Road, Cairns, occasionally has sides of goat. I always keep it on hand in the freezer because, you know, free range etc. We need to encourage the mainstream butchers to stock it, and we do that by buying it. So, I packaged up the side of goat to freeze what I didn't cook for dinner. There was a goat kidney, which I didn't want to eat, so we gave it to the cat and the 2 dogs. Nobody would eat it, not even Trixie! And she eats dead spiders. And kitty litter. There you go.

Dee said...

You are making me glad we are having lentil burgers for dinner. I am not convinced Sheila would eat goat kidneys either. Bury them deep and plant a paw paw on them I guess.