Tuesday, April 16, 2013

settling in with a big dog

I have a dog tag now and everything! Mom is making me wear a crochet heart *sigh*
I thought Rusty was a big dog, but Sheila is a size up from that. She can rest her chin next to your plate. Luckily she accepts that dogs don't belong at the dinner table. She has a big grease spot on her head because she can reach that long lean face under the barbeque and fetch out the grease tray with ease. Yummo! She can lick a dirty pan when it is in the sink, no more relaxing after dinner. She can see if there are egg shells in the compost bucket on the counter. Tall is very useful when you are a dog.

This morning we were all roused by the mother of all possum wars in the big tree out the back. Sheila wandered to the end of the deck, took it in for a bit, then ran into my room and up on the bed where it is safe. Not an aggressor with wildlife. Later she was roused again when two cats joined the riot out the back and she bravely went to the fenced and barked at everyone. Then a vine from the tree grabbed her and she ki-yied out of there and back in the house. Not the bravest dog either.

She is perfect actually. When I was lacing up my shoes for a walk she gave me a kiss. When Scott came down the stairs to join us he got her very first tail wag. She loves my cooking and is a good eater (thank heavens). If you forget to put a fish oil capsule in her dinner she will just eat it out of your hand. She is a hungry girl, hopefully that will settle down. In the mean time she is on the Sumo diet.

It is good to have a dog again.


Mae said...

You haven't mentioned the stairs, so I guess she's not concerned about them? Trixie is very jealous of the Sumo diet. The vet is insisting that she needs to lose weight, and was not impressed when she lost almost none in a month. I explained it was because she is making up her scanty rations with insects, dead or alive. She found a dead spider the other day and scoffed it down quickly before I could take it from her.

Tim Joe Comstock said...

She is absolutely lovely.


Dee said...

Mae, the stairs are a total non-issue. As soon as she arrived she was right up the back steps, way ahead of any people showing any intention of going there. She does tend to wander around on the decks and look at you balefully while you are in the garden, but Stanley and Rusty did that too. It is a dog thing.

Poor starving Trixie, she does love her food and there would be enough bugs, frogs and lizards at your place to fatten up Sheila!

Theresa said...

Oh, she sounds like a lovely addition to the family. I still haven't given up on the idea of a grey!