Saturday, April 13, 2013

we are ready

After my excellent start to the Strava challenge I have had to take several days off riding to manage this cold. So far it is just a virus, and I am will to invest some leisure in keeping it that way, as antibiotics are not something I can take easily due to allergies. So far so good, even though others in my workplace have crossed over to chest infections, I am holding my own. I miss my bike though.

However, life goes on and I have been feathering my nest for the arrival of a new family member:
a soft bed with toys, and a dog coat made by a Canadian sister that is probably too small, but worth a try

she may want to lie on the couch, which is why we have couches after all

a bed on the front deck has long been a tradition, so you can be comfy while watching the action on the street

finally a raised airy bed under the house lets a dog rest if her owners get compulsive about too much gardening

All these dog beds may seem like overkill, but we found that they all got used with our other dogs, so it seems sensible to reinstate them. All done on the cheap of course, covered with old sheets and blankets for that homey smell. Dog photos tomorrow!

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