Sunday, April 7, 2013

where was I?

Sorry, it has been some time and I have lost track of what was going on. Besides pining for a dog I have been doing stuff, like a Ride to Work day launch of a new end of ride facility at JCU (James Cook University) where I am Queen Bee of the BUG (Bicycle Users Group).
nice bike racks, free lockers (get in quick!) and cold water

A couple of years ago I wrote a proposal that redundant cooling plant spaces at the University be made into end of ride facilities. Well they thought that was such a brilliant idea that they have actually spent a bomb on doing it, and I am amazed at how nice this one is and embarrassed that I have gotten awards for an obvious idea while others do the hard work and make it real. Part of the development was the installation of another of my bicycle work stations, purchased with grants from the Students' Union and the Alumni. 
Nice looking facility!!

Two really lovely showers!!

Students make the nicest signs and stuff, awww

excellent roll up, there wasn't much left from catering for 80.

The f@@#!! pump has failed on this work station, as well as the other one across campus!! When I pay over a thousand bucks for a piece of gear I expect quality. Not happy and the phone is running hot to Leda Security, who manufactures these. If they don't want death by bad press they had better make things right.
Cycling T-shirts rule! That pale blue one is from Freewheeling Adventures in Nova Scotia, proving it is indeed a small world.
Other news... a strange sign appeared at the weir. I hope this is a prank. We "separate facilities for bikes" advocates might not get exactly what we wish for every time!!
There have been lots of early rides
I have a serious dose of the flu, but still managed to hit my first milestone on track for a rest day today. The cold has moved from my head to my chest, which is more medically dangerous, but I feel way better. I actually baked a cake today, a sure sign that I am on the mend.
I have also joined up with a group called "Chicks with Sticks", who are yarn bombers. Civil disobedience at its most civilized!!  Someone bombed this post on the River bikeway, so I crocheted a wee heart to add to the installation as my seal of approval 

I love crocheting tat, but you cannot live with it in this climate, so I am happy to set it free as a cosy art installation. It also gives me a chance to use up wonky projects as I relearn the art of crochet. Win-win!

As soon as there is a dog there will be a post, never fear. I have paid in full as a demonstration of my sincerity. I wasn't sure what else to do, Money always talks it seems, so lets see where this goes...


Tim Joe Comstock said...

Hey! For some reason I thought you were taking home that pooch from the earlier post. My reading comprehension comes and goes. I share your unhappiness with the faulty pumps! If the wrong people see such a thing and get the wrong impression the money might be harder to come by next time. I was very impressed with the concept and talked it up in a couple places but I did in fact wonder about the service aspect. There must be some provision for routine maintenance.

I trust you will keep us informed of developments. I hope the cold has cleared as you read this and could you crochet a trailer park themed something?


Dee said...

Gee TJ I always thought crochet and trailer park kind of went together, but I have mostly known retired folks in trailers.

Lucky for me my university maintenance guys have taken on the task of keeping the pumps working. We got some replacement hoses from the company, but will probably source sturdier ones locally. Who knew that there are businesses that just sell hoses and pumps, and we have a few. Good to be in a mining area I guess.