Sunday, May 26, 2013

jammy shoot

We are having a spell of winter weather. It was less than 12 degrees C this morning, so a good time for a jammy fashion show. 

pretty in pink. I bought this from the GAP people, because I assumed the GAP coat  they were sending was canvas
The GAP green coat is fluffy double fleece! Doh. It will be a rare day in Townsville that we get to show this off on a public walk.

This is the best sleeping coat. It was made for one of Carol's dogs (Coco I think) and then given to Rusty, and now it is perfect for Sheila. She had just gotten up so it is a bit messy, but it all stays in place. Thanks Aunty for making such a nice coat!
A better weight for coolish days is this nice thick t-shirt, remade for a dog. So far she has been unable to resist fanging the bow in front, It may need that adjusted.

 Of course, once the sun comes up it gets warm again, and a dog can flake out in a sunny spot and be warm as toast. How cold can it be when you have mandarins ripening in your yard.

I ate two right off the tree, standing in the warm sun and adding the peel and pips to the mulch. Life doesn't get much sweeter than this.

I was watching Scott hacking away at the new fence line greyhound track

pretty rugged going in places!
just a bit of cutting back in other areas

find the dog, she likes the deep jungle bits of the yard

Like having my very own Thylacine
Soon there will be a greyhound walk, and another peaceful doggy weekend will end. I am enjoying the down time. There will be rides and training, but hanging out at home on a cold morning is pretty nice too.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

million paws walk

This was the first year we could attend the RSPCA million paws walk. Stanley and Rusty, may they rest in peace, were not well socialized enough to enjoy such chaos. Sheila on the other hand, too easy.

Mixing it up with the other hounds at the GAP stall

The wearing of the green. The GAP coats are too warm so I am thinking of making big green kerchiefs. 

The t-shirts are cute. This dog is for demonstration purposes only and is a much loved old  pet.

Star Wars! You can get a greyhound At-at costume on the web. Very tempting.....

let the walk begin!

early enthusiasm, a bit of towing...

Many hundreds of people, they must have mad a ton of money. I sure hope so.

awww I just missed a very sweet nose to nose shot

Too tired to get out of the van when we got home!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

good grief it is the middle of May!

I have gotten away from the blog, sorry Mom. I am finding facebook and twitter more immediate, and I tend to have to repeat myself here. I do like the blog best as a repository though, so I will keep flogging away at it. 
Sheila has settled in quite well, so it wasn't an issue for me to leave her and travel to a conference

Sunset over the bowls club, Rockhampton, Queensland

A difficult city to find vegetables in. They are there, but small, and hiding under  meat.

The conference was very good, I got my presentations out of the way on day 1 and had the rest to enjoy. The best part was getting outdoors to see UAVs ( toy planes in the olden days) being used to capture large scale imagery.

ready to take off, all pre-programmed to fly transects to cover the field

Real time tracking and all done in about 15 minutes
The applications for this technology are many, it is a potential growth area. It was all very impressive and it shouldn't be hard to convince young men they want to do this for a living!!

I may have played hooky over lunch to go shopping.

We had time to kill at the end when all us northerners had to wait for a flight, so we went to the zoo/botanic garden

obligatory koala photo 

I came home to find myself mildly on the outer... but that seems to have passed. Must do a fashion  shoot of doggy jammies soon...