Tuesday, May 14, 2013

good grief it is the middle of May!

I have gotten away from the blog, sorry Mom. I am finding facebook and twitter more immediate, and I tend to have to repeat myself here. I do like the blog best as a repository though, so I will keep flogging away at it. 
Sheila has settled in quite well, so it wasn't an issue for me to leave her and travel to a conference

Sunset over the bowls club, Rockhampton, Queensland

A difficult city to find vegetables in. They are there, but small, and hiding under  meat.

The conference was very good, I got my presentations out of the way on day 1 and had the rest to enjoy. The best part was getting outdoors to see UAVs ( toy planes in the olden days) being used to capture large scale imagery.

ready to take off, all pre-programmed to fly transects to cover the field

Real time tracking and all done in about 15 minutes
The applications for this technology are many, it is a potential growth area. It was all very impressive and it shouldn't be hard to convince young men they want to do this for a living!!

I may have played hooky over lunch to go shopping.

We had time to kill at the end when all us northerners had to wait for a flight, so we went to the zoo/botanic garden

obligatory koala photo 

I came home to find myself mildly on the outer... but that seems to have passed. Must do a fashion  shoot of doggy jammies soon...


Mae said...

Lovely shot of Sheila in Jammies. Did you make them?

Tim Joe Comstock said...

Drone tech is going to be a wild field indeed! I saw my first UAV while on a ride recently. Just buzzing across my path. It caught me quite off guard, but I imagine that soon enough they will be a common sight. And while pilot jobs are of course enticing, I suspect they will also open up huge new opportunities in the field of law.

Sheila doesn't look as though she is having any trouble relaxing. I'm glad you got a dog.