Sunday, May 26, 2013

jammy shoot

We are having a spell of winter weather. It was less than 12 degrees C this morning, so a good time for a jammy fashion show. 

pretty in pink. I bought this from the GAP people, because I assumed the GAP coat  they were sending was canvas
The GAP green coat is fluffy double fleece! Doh. It will be a rare day in Townsville that we get to show this off on a public walk.

This is the best sleeping coat. It was made for one of Carol's dogs (Coco I think) and then given to Rusty, and now it is perfect for Sheila. She had just gotten up so it is a bit messy, but it all stays in place. Thanks Aunty for making such a nice coat!
A better weight for coolish days is this nice thick t-shirt, remade for a dog. So far she has been unable to resist fanging the bow in front, It may need that adjusted.

 Of course, once the sun comes up it gets warm again, and a dog can flake out in a sunny spot and be warm as toast. How cold can it be when you have mandarins ripening in your yard.

I ate two right off the tree, standing in the warm sun and adding the peel and pips to the mulch. Life doesn't get much sweeter than this.

I was watching Scott hacking away at the new fence line greyhound track

pretty rugged going in places!
just a bit of cutting back in other areas

find the dog, she likes the deep jungle bits of the yard

Like having my very own Thylacine
Soon there will be a greyhound walk, and another peaceful doggy weekend will end. I am enjoying the down time. There will be rides and training, but hanging out at home on a cold morning is pretty nice too.


Tim Joe Comstock said...

There's no place like home.


Tim Joe Comstock said...

By the way, snoopy fooker that I am, I would like to read more about yer homestead...seems you and the Bloke are carving out quite a little Dogpatch there and it ain't always about bicycles, then, is it...

Dee said...

I will take some yard shots soon, it is too dim when I get home from work, but tomorrow is a day off. I am having my first ever skin cancer all over check over. I hope my canadian past has protected me. This is considered routine maintenance round these parts.