Sunday, May 19, 2013

million paws walk

This was the first year we could attend the RSPCA million paws walk. Stanley and Rusty, may they rest in peace, were not well socialized enough to enjoy such chaos. Sheila on the other hand, too easy.

Mixing it up with the other hounds at the GAP stall

The wearing of the green. The GAP coats are too warm so I am thinking of making big green kerchiefs. 

The t-shirts are cute. This dog is for demonstration purposes only and is a much loved old  pet.

Star Wars! You can get a greyhound At-at costume on the web. Very tempting.....

let the walk begin!

early enthusiasm, a bit of towing...

Many hundreds of people, they must have mad a ton of money. I sure hope so.

awww I just missed a very sweet nose to nose shot

Too tired to get out of the van when we got home!


Mae said...

Ah, the joy of a well socialized dog! Our terr(i)ors would be disgraceful at the million paws walk. Thanks for the reminder, I'll get my donation in. Is it too late to sponsor Sheila?

Dee said...

I didn't actually set up a sponsor page, I give money to the RSPCA all the time anyway. Just make a donation on behalf of your two little rascals to the local chapter. There were actually quite a few well behaved tenterfields (who knew!!) and of course, a legion of perfect pugs.

Theresa said...

Tika and I were there, we saw you but weren't near enough to say hello. And it was a bit chaotic! But fun - we stayed around afterwards and watched some agility training and Tika had a carob-rice krispy treat -- a little adoption-birthday present, since we got her on the day of Million Paws Walk last year!

Dee said...

Happy gotcha day Theresa and Tika!! We must organise a play date, dogs got to run.

Tim Joe Comstock said...

Now I'm starting to want a greyhound! Plenty around here, too. Miss Daisy the Yellow dog is the least socialized animal on the planet, much like her owner. Looks like fun, though!