Saturday, June 29, 2013

check in from hound hall

I am trying to contain the crazy greyhound lady within. Really. 
It was a hard week after a fellow cyclist was killed on the road. I rode on the bikeway and took comfort from the love of DOGs and refused to speak with the press. I don't have an answer, I wish I did. But the weather has been cool and perfect and the sun warms your back as you ride, and the air is that special winter sweet that is so nice. Perfect blue sky. 

This weekend is the Townsville show and my poor hounds have had to work like dogs
first to declare mutiny and have a nap. I'm adopted already. meh.

Izzy getting into the sprit. She started off a bit nervous of all the noise and weird rides moving around, but came good. brave girl!
A new girl named Connie who doesn't have a foster home til tomorrow. She is the friendliest tart ever, would have happily adopted everyone who patted her. Honestly, I can't believe she still has fur, she was very popular. Such a soft coat that people could not keep their hands off her.
Patted into exhaustion
There was no way Connie was going to a kennel tonight so she came to our place. there is still plenty of room. It is just for one night, really. Any way, Izzy is not nuts about her. I think she is jealous that Connie can do the stairs.
Izzy is getting faster, but she still needs full assistance. It is harder for some.
Finally, I leave you with a video

Sheila took a notion to go outside for a play after Izzy had asked to go upstairs. Here she is being wild, but the best part is the greyhound zoomy at the end. Having all this going on in the yard drew Izzy out onto the deck and down to the end, which was something she was afraid to try before. Now that she as done it she is an old deck hand and much more comfortable with life up high off the ground.

Monday, June 17, 2013

track racing at home

Two greyhounds is a LOT of dog, especially when they get all full of beans and decide to have an impromptu race. Running is in the blood and Sheila is loving having someone to up the pace!
lets have a fang around the yard!
sure, but first I need to move this inflorescence out of the way 

Mom and Dad are tearing up garden beds and the dirt is all soft and dig-able!

mmmmmm, digging...

Izzy figures there will just be trouble if this continues!

finally all gardened out. 

Scott has removed big shrubs. It seems we had developed a taste for the spiky and bizzare, but they have to go.

The stone circle is going so the track can run through

The raised bed at the end has been demolished and flattened, and the broms relocated to a side bed, with their spiky bits out of the way

moving potted stuff is instant gratification. Looking good.

soon to be a greyhound super highway

After the gardening is done don't forget to harvest some produce!
Monday morning it was nice to get on the bike and ease up all those garden knotted muscles. It is cold though, and hard to get going. I hate a cold start. At least the sun is out and we have fluffy dog jammies. The double fleeces are finally getting used. The track got a bit of a workout today, and it isn't finished yet!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

too big for a title

My life is always rather full, and lately it must have been overflowing because I couldn't seem to fit any blog love in. So here is a big dump of photos and blather. Work has been busy + I applied for $14,500 as a grant from my Universities sustainability fund on the theory that that was way too much and I would get nothing. Instead I got it all and have been scrambling to register JCU as an accredited AustCycle training provider which has been FRAUGHT with more legal/policy stuff than I knew was possible for one lifetime. And then AustCycle scheduled the training for a different day than we verbally agreed on. And I have not had ONE person on my campus interested in doing the training. Breathe in, breathe out....  it is all coming together and I have accepted that sometimes everything cannot be perfect.

So, first, there was a yarn bombing. I contributed zero to the effort, but the result is still worth a place on my blog because I was utterly charmed by it. This is just a tiny glimpse of all the nice work. It really cheers up a dreary spot on camps, congrats "chicks with sticks" on your first bomb.

a bit of colour on the stairs

cute garlands

OMG I an loving what they have done to the bike rack!!

comfy and cute!!
Inserted into all the madness was a conference in Cairns. A conference always seems like a good idea until you are frantically sorting out work, and then I took a foster dog two days before I left. Brilliant!
walking to my hotel I was moved by these cafe tables. Hydrographic charts are always beautiful, and whisper of new places and far horizons. 

lovely hotel, too bad it was drizzly the whole time 

look who won the 'uber geek Ferrari" for the most tweets and photo uploads! Lucky for me this is all the car I need!!

Silver medalists in the Spatial Olympics!! I shouldn't be revealing how much fun I have while claiming to be working. 
 While I was in Cairns I had to spend a night with family, because having them in Australia is a great gift (and we are very fond of each other)!
My darling little dogs! They always treat me like royalty and are so sweet.

I bagged that pumpkin and carried on the plane, as you do. I also had a meeting with this representative of the JCU BUG in Cairns to sort some things out, which was useful. 

food jungle!! look at all those chillies!

always orchids in bloom in the wet tropics

even the culinary ginger is blooming! Not at my house alas.
Almost there, pour another cuppa or glass of wine...
This is Izzy, our new foster girl. She is a total sweet lamb and we love her already. She is Ex-racing, has a hugely different physique to Sheila, who has never raced. She is velvet on steel and loves to lean in for a hug and some kisses.
One thing she does not love is the stairs. They are very scary. A wonderful friend who is a carpet layer covered our  back steps so you cannot see through them - for free. I was very moved to come home and see this. No luck so far, but Izzy gets carried up by Scott (who is such a soft touch!!) and we hope that since success is 99% desire, she will come to love us enough to make the effort. 
Ok, that is the phone photos up to date (like last weekend), so there will be another blog with the camera photos and the evolution of the yard to a greyhound track.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

avoir et etre

to have and to be.
for some of us, the having is the being, and having dogs in your life is life itself.
What a busy week.
There was a dog in crisis, and things to be done to get her into the Greyhound Adoption Program. And they were done and we were registered as foster carers and lo, there was a loving home for a hound. Then I had to go away for a conference and Scott was left with two hounds and issues and he got the back steps carpeted so a new foster would be less afraid. And then when that wasn't enough he carried her up the stairs to know what a doggy nirvana lies above. And it was good, and I may have cried a little with the joy of having a little girl who has never been a house dog in my house, if only for a while.
j'aime donc je suis (I love, therefore I am)

Saturday, June 1, 2013

a fine day

This fine day started with a dog who was very interested in a cat fight before 5am. Then after all the excitement she wanted to languish in bed with her feet in the air until late, except I had chores to do at Uni, so she was  forced to get up and come too. The Uni curlews made it worth while, they were fascinating. We were lucky to make a late start, because this fine day started rainy for the early cyclists, but I was tucked up with a big dog so I missed it.
Awww, if this doesn't look sweet to you then you are weird.

it turned into a lovely blue sky day, and they have been rare, so we all had a  nice happy  feeling.  I thought I would take some shots of the planned dog run. We have always maintained a long axis on the northern side of the house for ball chasing.

yard? you want me to get off the couch and come into the yard??

Lyou think we have talent in the yard department, here is the worst veggie garden ever. Planted easter weekend and pathetic. Beats me why it is so  dire, but it is despite organic fertilisers and everything but playing Bach to the plants FFS. If veggies were not cheap this time of year we would be in strife!!

I like heliconia but they went a bit feral and I approve of them getting hacked back for the dog run.

along the back fence and then out to the lawn
and back up that run (minus ladder and banana checker) and hopefully around the front of the house and back again. Scary fast, don't move and stand back.

Life with a greyhound is either fast asleep or going at 100 miles per hour!!