Saturday, June 1, 2013

a fine day

This fine day started with a dog who was very interested in a cat fight before 5am. Then after all the excitement she wanted to languish in bed with her feet in the air until late, except I had chores to do at Uni, so she was  forced to get up and come too. The Uni curlews made it worth while, they were fascinating. We were lucky to make a late start, because this fine day started rainy for the early cyclists, but I was tucked up with a big dog so I missed it.
Awww, if this doesn't look sweet to you then you are weird.

it turned into a lovely blue sky day, and they have been rare, so we all had a  nice happy  feeling.  I thought I would take some shots of the planned dog run. We have always maintained a long axis on the northern side of the house for ball chasing.

yard? you want me to get off the couch and come into the yard??

Lyou think we have talent in the yard department, here is the worst veggie garden ever. Planted easter weekend and pathetic. Beats me why it is so  dire, but it is despite organic fertilisers and everything but playing Bach to the plants FFS. If veggies were not cheap this time of year we would be in strife!!

I like heliconia but they went a bit feral and I approve of them getting hacked back for the dog run.

along the back fence and then out to the lawn
and back up that run (minus ladder and banana checker) and hopefully around the front of the house and back again. Scary fast, don't move and stand back.

Life with a greyhound is either fast asleep or going at 100 miles per hour!! 

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Mae said...

Your veggie crop may be dire, but it looks like you're getting some bananas. And the dog is clearly thriving! You can take home a couple pumpkins from Cairns.