Saturday, June 8, 2013

avoir et etre

to have and to be.
for some of us, the having is the being, and having dogs in your life is life itself.
What a busy week.
There was a dog in crisis, and things to be done to get her into the Greyhound Adoption Program. And they were done and we were registered as foster carers and lo, there was a loving home for a hound. Then I had to go away for a conference and Scott was left with two hounds and issues and he got the back steps carpeted so a new foster would be less afraid. And then when that wasn't enough he carried her up the stairs to know what a doggy nirvana lies above. And it was good, and I may have cried a little with the joy of having a little girl who has never been a house dog in my house, if only for a while.
j'aime donc je suis (I love, therefore I am)

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