Saturday, June 29, 2013

check in from hound hall

I am trying to contain the crazy greyhound lady within. Really. 
It was a hard week after a fellow cyclist was killed on the road. I rode on the bikeway and took comfort from the love of DOGs and refused to speak with the press. I don't have an answer, I wish I did. But the weather has been cool and perfect and the sun warms your back as you ride, and the air is that special winter sweet that is so nice. Perfect blue sky. 

This weekend is the Townsville show and my poor hounds have had to work like dogs
first to declare mutiny and have a nap. I'm adopted already. meh.

Izzy getting into the sprit. She started off a bit nervous of all the noise and weird rides moving around, but came good. brave girl!
A new girl named Connie who doesn't have a foster home til tomorrow. She is the friendliest tart ever, would have happily adopted everyone who patted her. Honestly, I can't believe she still has fur, she was very popular. Such a soft coat that people could not keep their hands off her.
Patted into exhaustion
There was no way Connie was going to a kennel tonight so she came to our place. there is still plenty of room. It is just for one night, really. Any way, Izzy is not nuts about her. I think she is jealous that Connie can do the stairs.
Izzy is getting faster, but she still needs full assistance. It is harder for some.
Finally, I leave you with a video

Sheila took a notion to go outside for a play after Izzy had asked to go upstairs. Here she is being wild, but the best part is the greyhound zoomy at the end. Having all this going on in the yard drew Izzy out onto the deck and down to the end, which was something she was afraid to try before. Now that she as done it she is an old deck hand and much more comfortable with life up high off the ground.


Theresa said...

I think 'crazy greyhound lady' is something to be proud of! Let it shine!

Tim Joe Comstock said...

My comment from the other day must have misfired or was so incoherent that you chose not to publish it. I wish I remembered what it was...but if I could remember, it would probably be something along the lines of the value of dog-worship and how they never accuse you of anything or how even if they had hands instead of paws and also had access to cutlery a dog would never stab you in the back; also, even if you beat your dog and screamed monstrous obsceneties at her and put her in the car and drove off to the worst neighborhood in town and kicked her out she would die trying to find her way home for another try...these things are things that I know about dogs and why, if given a choice, it is a dog I would chose for a friend, everytime, if I was worthy.


Dee said...

Must have miss-fired TJ, I don't moderate except to boot the rare spammer. You are so right about doggy forgiveness. Poor Izzy had to go to be sterilized on Monday, and she was so poorly for 24 hours after that that it would break your heart, and she already forgives us. Thank heavens for DOG.

Carol said...

I loved the video.. Needs music to accompany the scene :)

Poor Rudy is way too old for such joyous abandon - but he smiles when he trots!

Tim Joe Comstock said...

Dee? You seem to be even more rare than me. Everything OK?