Monday, June 17, 2013

track racing at home

Two greyhounds is a LOT of dog, especially when they get all full of beans and decide to have an impromptu race. Running is in the blood and Sheila is loving having someone to up the pace!
lets have a fang around the yard!
sure, but first I need to move this inflorescence out of the way 

Mom and Dad are tearing up garden beds and the dirt is all soft and dig-able!

mmmmmm, digging...

Izzy figures there will just be trouble if this continues!

finally all gardened out. 

Scott has removed big shrubs. It seems we had developed a taste for the spiky and bizzare, but they have to go.

The stone circle is going so the track can run through

The raised bed at the end has been demolished and flattened, and the broms relocated to a side bed, with their spiky bits out of the way

moving potted stuff is instant gratification. Looking good.

soon to be a greyhound super highway

After the gardening is done don't forget to harvest some produce!
Monday morning it was nice to get on the bike and ease up all those garden knotted muscles. It is cold though, and hard to get going. I hate a cold start. At least the sun is out and we have fluffy dog jammies. The double fleeces are finally getting used. The track got a bit of a workout today, and it isn't finished yet!


Tim Joe Comstock said...

Dogs are better as a pair. Will you be staging money races there in your yard? Those veggies look healthy! My garden stuff looks like it should be put in a foster home.


Dee said...

the betting would be interesting because so far they go in opposite directions, cut each other off and stop to spin around. good for a laugh though, and OMG, it is the dry season and the dust is unreal.