Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Things cycling

there has been much funding proposal writing, and this is what we got:

Green bikes  http://www-public.jcu.edu.au/atjcu/JCU_127228

Austcycle training provider  http://www-public.jcu.edu.au/news/atjcu/JCU_127444

me with helmet hair  http://jcnn.com.au/spotlight/4727/

launching the green bikes by helping a local

There has been a Parliamentary Inquiry

There is probably more, but this is what I remember from a few frantic weeks! All good stuff though.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

living stylishly with greyhounds

For ages I have been looking for some fabric or wallpaper to tart up Patrick's 19 year old fridge. Then last weekend I scored a single bed doona cover set for $9.00 from Woolworths of all places! This is just the retro look and colourway I had in mind!
fabric is still wet, hoping it will not show the dark bands of the silver mac tac when it dries, but whatever. Very funky fridge. happy.

 And then I had fabulous fabric which also matches my decor (like Mother like Son) which I thriftily sewed up into doggy doona covers. Patrick donated a faded double bed flat sheet in charcoal to the cause, which made a perfect slip cover for dog beds made from a cheap foam single bed mattress cut in half. The doona cover had a pillow slip included, the bit left from the fridge made a bolster, and the rest of the cover made a perfect slip cover for two double bed doonas folded into a quarter.
I laid here and read a book while Sheila hogged the couch. Very comfy!

Izzy did spend a lot of time here today. Looks as good as it feels!
And then there was time for some walks~
Izzy on her first walk with no muzzle. Very happy! She loves her new green kit, and look how shiny!
Sheila is looking just amazing as we head off on the monthly GAP walk. She is shiny and sleek and no bones! Some may suggest we have *ahem* gone too far...
We adopted Izzy last week, and she has had a professional teeth clean as part of the process. OMG! Her teeth were so brown and terrible and now she is gorgeous!!!! Note to self, make dental appointment...
Greyhounds love other greyhounds. The monthly group walk is very exciting
Sheila is a big rangy girl, but she was small compared to this amazing Great Dane! He weighs 94 kilos!!
So that is a quick dog centric update. Stay tuned, there will be cycling things very soon!! Lots has (and is) happening in the BUG and you will be told!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Good heavens, is it that time already. Thanks for the poke TJ. I had been talking with my sister on skype minutes before your comment and she also gently reminded me that some people check my blog in hope quite often. Sorry.

So it has been a very long time.Where to start.

In order of importance. Izzy can now go up and down the stairs.

It took 7 weeks of patient coaching. Scott is so marvelous. Then one morning he had carried her down for her morning constitutional, came up and made a coffee, sat down at the 'puter and then there she was. She was so excited she came running into my room and jumped on the bed! Izzy never jumps on the furnature! Sheila was on the bed and it was a bit wild. Too funny. Importantly, this was the very day that we had to tell GAP if we would adopt her. She wins! This is her forever home. Scott then started coaching her down the stairs rather than carrying her, and she caught on pretty quickly.

Sheila on a walk to enjoy a perfect winters day

Izzy likes a walk too, and now we have finally gotten her green collar so no more muzzle. Yay!

The girls get along OK. They are not cuddly with each other, but they play and seem happy to not be only dogs.

This is the measure of greyhound happiness

Izzy seems happy too
meanwhile winter is citrus season. We have a new record folks, I have lost track of how many lemons. LOTS

Scott is now the master of lemon and lime cordial. He has made gallons.

A friend gave me some alcohol to make limoncello. Day 1 of 90 days.
awww, gratuitous cuteness.
I have to go away tomorrow, but I promise weekend updates from now on. Time do fly.