Tuesday, August 20, 2013


Good heavens, is it that time already. Thanks for the poke TJ. I had been talking with my sister on skype minutes before your comment and she also gently reminded me that some people check my blog in hope quite often. Sorry.

So it has been a very long time.Where to start.

In order of importance. Izzy can now go up and down the stairs.

It took 7 weeks of patient coaching. Scott is so marvelous. Then one morning he had carried her down for her morning constitutional, came up and made a coffee, sat down at the 'puter and then there she was. She was so excited she came running into my room and jumped on the bed! Izzy never jumps on the furnature! Sheila was on the bed and it was a bit wild. Too funny. Importantly, this was the very day that we had to tell GAP if we would adopt her. She wins! This is her forever home. Scott then started coaching her down the stairs rather than carrying her, and she caught on pretty quickly.

Sheila on a walk to enjoy a perfect winters day

Izzy likes a walk too, and now we have finally gotten her green collar so no more muzzle. Yay!

The girls get along OK. They are not cuddly with each other, but they play and seem happy to not be only dogs.

This is the measure of greyhound happiness

Izzy seems happy too
meanwhile winter is citrus season. We have a new record folks, I have lost track of how many lemons. LOTS

Scott is now the master of lemon and lime cordial. He has made gallons.

A friend gave me some alcohol to make limoncello. Day 1 of 90 days.
awww, gratuitous cuteness.
I have to go away tomorrow, but I promise weekend updates from now on. Time do fly.


Tim Joe Comstock said...

Those ladies seem to be growing more stauesque and beautiful with each presentation. Maybe it is the photography; but my money is on the love.

Your friend gave you some alcohol!


Matt said...

Wonderful post Dee (any post about dogs and cycling is A+ in my book!) Found you via TJ's...love it that you are adopting retired greyhounds! I lived in North Chicago for a few years a while back, and saw lots of them from the tracks up in Wisconson. To think that so many are (were) destroyed after their very short racing career is criminal.

We have 3 adopteed fur-babies (all mutts)...one is part whippett, and your side shot of Izzy w/ her ears up in the majestic pose looks so very much like a large version of PG (who sadly lost a back leg to cancer earlier this year, but she is doing GREAT, and she's still the Alpha of our little pack...dogs are just so much more adaptable than people are).

Peeking back in your posts, so very sorry to hear of your cycling friend killed back in June...I'm going thru something like that now...one of the girls in our club was hit a month ago (I've been working a LOT and just found out 2 weeks ago). She lived, but it's not good, in fact, it's very bad. She'll never ride/walk again, nor even get to hug her little boys or her husband again. EVER. Shattered C6 vertebrae repaired but the spinal cord damage is forever. Breaks my heart to think about it (and to put myself in her shoes, how would I feel, and worse, how would my wife feel?). Just trying to figure out the universe and my place in it (which seems to be to taking care of our babies and treating them like the royalty they are). I love your line about taking comfort in the love of Dogs...they can make the darkest day bright again. Doggie hugs and kisses are THE BEST!

Dee said...

TJ I never knew that my friends had a still, how funny. Of course, it is only for making up market spirts :)

Matt, welcome aboard. Yes I have been very knocked around by Sue's death, and there have been more almost weekly in Australia. It is like we are caught in a dark swarm of driver stupidity. I pretty much stopped riding anything but my commute to work, and I took out all the road portions of that, which only leaves about a 5km run on the bikeway. I am just now easing back into longer road rides. I have gained about 3 kilos! Yikes!

Mae said...

I'm one of the people who checks in frequently, so reading your post has made my day! Thanks for the update. Wow, lemons! Awwwwww, dogs!