Sunday, September 22, 2013

suddenly summer

Suddenly it is hot. Spring is never much here, someone just trows a switch somewhere and the heat comes on. It is tinder dry and that special smell of 'autumn leaves' confuses my seasons.
lizards and snakes are on the move. This was a big guy, a good metre long

Kapok are spring. They are everywhere on the hills.

New spring outfits for my girls.

I told you it was hot! Izzy surprised me when she plunged into the river and had a lie down.
 And spring time is orchid season. All my neglected orchids bloom and life is sweet

The local golden orchid is a big plant

My best bunch of amaryllis 

Vanilla orchids! SO many more than last year, Scott is out every day pollinating. Fingers crossed for lots of vanilla pods.

I am loving getting kitted up in the mornings and not worrying about being cold. I love summer, even here.

Friday, September 20, 2013

save my soul

Why are we here. What does it matter if there is an election, and you vote (after DAYS of research) to find that you are not normal. Some weird ass, fringe dwelling, tree hugging, greyhound obsessed cycling weirdo. Get off my road!!

Australia is now spun back to the 50s, and I can't even remember the 50s. So where do I live now? At a University that is struggling for relevance in a new paradigm? In a world where women are too dumb to matter? Advocating for cycling to a government who is hell bent to build bigger roads for cars, against all the science? And a MSM baying for the blood of cyclists. To what end? To have us all drive a car? How has it come to this. I often think, as I ride out into this hard world, of the battles fought in The Lord of the Rings.
"Théoden: So much death. What can Men do against such reckless hate?
Aragorn: Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them.
Théoden: For death and glory.
Aragorn: For Rohan. For your people.

And so it is. And so I will, because it is all I can do. For my people. We exist.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Spring has arrived

Now that Izzy is ours we can spend up big at the Vets to try and clear up the canine lupis on her nose. So far I think she is looking a bit better. I don't like the cortisone treatment though, and will be glad to see the end of that. It has knocked her around and she isn't her usual bright self at all.
and so it begins...
 Meanwhile things continue apace in the world of cycling at JCU. I finally seem to have gotten the pumps in my workstations repaired. I gave up on the supplier and had a local manufacturer replace all the hoses with proper stainless steel clad unpinchable ones, which is what was promised in the first place but never delivered. My next workstations will be fully locally made. Dumb southerners...
A happy customer. He is newly arrived from Europe and takes this kind of thing for granted.

The typical student bike, a cheap department store mountain bike. He seemed keen when I told him we would give him 20 bucks for it when he leaves, and keep it going.
 And then it was Super Tuesday! A day of counting bikes from 7am til 9am. Love doing this, such fun. About 60% of cyclists past my spot asked if I was OK or needed help. How very nice. And about 90% said good morning.


Super Tuesday pretty much marks the start of spring here. We have local native golden orchids in bloom. My yard is as brown and dormant as I have every seen it. I guess everything was exhausted after a couple of years with no real dry season. 

so cheery!!! Blooms rise up out of a patch of brown.
 My Aussie family has been visiting the old country and sent me some magic baking powder when they got home. All you Canucks, check out the perfect fit in a bottle cage. Scott discovered this when he picked up the gift from the Uni. This empty one is now a stylish Canadian statement as well as a holder of tubes and tools.
 If you have to go vote, go in style and enjoy the ride. I numbered every box on every ballot and remain unrepresented in my local area. I thought I was so normal!
And then there was a trip to the beach. I love it when it heats up.

bravely getting their tootsies all wet. Sheila won't pee on the grass if it has been sprinkled the night before. The wet season will be interesting.

Izzy is now utterly ruined, she jumped up and had a lie in my bed!

Just another beautiful morning with a special gathering of the pelicans

A bold little lorikeet at work
 That's it from me!