Friday, September 20, 2013

save my soul

Why are we here. What does it matter if there is an election, and you vote (after DAYS of research) to find that you are not normal. Some weird ass, fringe dwelling, tree hugging, greyhound obsessed cycling weirdo. Get off my road!!

Australia is now spun back to the 50s, and I can't even remember the 50s. So where do I live now? At a University that is struggling for relevance in a new paradigm? In a world where women are too dumb to matter? Advocating for cycling to a government who is hell bent to build bigger roads for cars, against all the science? And a MSM baying for the blood of cyclists. To what end? To have us all drive a car? How has it come to this. I often think, as I ride out into this hard world, of the battles fought in The Lord of the Rings.
"Théoden: So much death. What can Men do against such reckless hate?
Aragorn: Ride out with me. Ride out and meet them.
Théoden: For death and glory.
Aragorn: For Rohan. For your people.

And so it is. And so I will, because it is all I can do. For my people. We exist.

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Carol said...

Sigh.... I don't know what gives. Looking at who to vote for at the provincial level throws me into the same sense of panic. Here I can hope that maybe the normal people didn't manage to vote this time, but there? Can't be the case... The barn is a bastion of peace - it's always waiting for visitors \xxoo