Sunday, September 22, 2013

suddenly summer

Suddenly it is hot. Spring is never much here, someone just trows a switch somewhere and the heat comes on. It is tinder dry and that special smell of 'autumn leaves' confuses my seasons.
lizards and snakes are on the move. This was a big guy, a good metre long

Kapok are spring. They are everywhere on the hills.

New spring outfits for my girls.

I told you it was hot! Izzy surprised me when she plunged into the river and had a lie down.
 And spring time is orchid season. All my neglected orchids bloom and life is sweet

The local golden orchid is a big plant

My best bunch of amaryllis 

Vanilla orchids! SO many more than last year, Scott is out every day pollinating. Fingers crossed for lots of vanilla pods.

I am loving getting kitted up in the mornings and not worrying about being cold. I love summer, even here.


The Old Bag said...

Brrr...we had our first snow yesterday. I'm jealous.

Tim Joe Comstock said...

Dee! In my less-than-stellar efforts to get caught up with my friends in the blogiverse I just realized that I have neglected my Newfoundler! (I just did a spell-check and found out that a Newfoundler is a dog, which I knew, but in my road-weary and beer-soaked condition I cannot remember what you call the folk of Newfoundland. Newfoundlings?)

Probably not important, since you live in Australia now. At least I hope you do... When a member of the original TPC crew goes this long without a post I start to worry...

Dog love and summer breezes, Miss.


Mae said...

Newfoundland folk are called "Newfies", I promise this is true.